12 x 14 Recantagle Wait Here Floor Decal
12 x 14 Recantagle Wait Here Floor Decal


12 x 14 Recantagle Wait Here Floor Decal

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  • Help social distancing with these Wait Here Stock Graphic Floor Decals! These durable floor decals are designed to adhere to a variety of hard floor surfaces but can easily be removed, if needed. 



Apply to clean, even floors in good condition. Decals may be used on commercial tile, sealed concrete, sealed wood and ceramic tile. Surface can be maxed but wax cannot contain silicone. 


APPLICATION- Floor temperature range 40 to 90 degrees F. Floor must be cleaned with commercial cleaning product. Rinse application area with water and allow to dry. For small decals, remove the back liner and position the decal on clean floor. Use a squeegee, start at the middle of the decal and work to the edges with firm pressure to avoid trapping air. For large decals, the wet method may be use - remove back liner and spray water on the exposed adhesive. Position the decal on the clean floor and squeegee the water from the center to the edges to avoid trapping air. Make sure all edges and corners are firmly attached. Do NOT clean or polish for at least 12 hours.


MAINTENANCE- After installation, allow the floor decal to set for 12 hours before waxing, cleaning or polishing. It is strongly recommended the decal be waxed if a mechanical buffer or industrial floor cleaning is used for cleaning. The decal is not designed to be driven over with cars, forklifts or heavy machinery. Avoid dragging heavy items across the decal. If any edges lifts from the floor, remove immediately.


REMOVAL- Start at one edge, if wax if accumulated a putty knife may be required to lift the decal's edge. Pull back on the decal using a smooth consistent force. For large decals, use a knife to slit an edge, pull the slit will continue to tear allowing removal in smaller pieces.