A&W Share Night Kit
A&W Share Night Kit


A&W Share Night Kit

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Kit includes: 1 bag of 20 buttons, 1 bag of 25 table tents, 3 window clings, 1 roll of 500 stickers.

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Share Night Contract, Share Night FAQ's, External Packet, W-9 Form

What is a Share Night?

A share night is when a customer of A&W has a charity event or a fundraiser.

Maybe it’s cheerleaders trying to pay for a trip.

Maybe it’s the high school band needing money to go to a parade.

Maybe it’s raising money for a sick kid.

Those people would go to A&W and ask to have a share night. The group would sign a contract with the restaurant. They would pick a date. Perhaps, Tuesday night.

They would get invitations and give them to all of their friends, family, church members, etc. to go the restaurant on that date and eat.

That night, 10% of all proceeds would go the fundraiser.

Why would A&W do this? 
It will bring a lot of people into their store on a slow night.
It’s great community public relations. Etc.

The stores will get 20 buttons for their employees to wear all the time, and table tents and window clings. They will get a cd with the invitations that are editable for them to print on their own. The contract will also be on the cd.

They will get a roll of stickers to give the kids a few to wear at school on the day of the event to remind everyone to come!

That night, be sure to decorate your store with balloons, have Rooty on-hand for photo ops, and be sure to pass out bounce back coupons or coins for repeat business!

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