KFC QB Bowling
KFC QB Bowling


KFC QB Bowling

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Bring the bowling lanes to any tailgate celebration with QB Bowling (Quarterback Bowling), a hybrid of football and bowling. The rules are simple: A coin flip determines which team will throw first. The winner of the coin flip is Team A. Team A stands at throw line, team B stands at the base. Team A throws the ball to clear the pins, with team B returning the ball to the throw line- to team A- until all pins are knocked down. Knocking down all the pins designates the end of Team A’s “frame”. The number of throws per frame are noted. Once pins are knocked down, team B sets up pins to their original positions and returns to throw line, while team A switches to the base. Team B throws the ball to clear the pins to complete the frame. The number of throws per frame are counted. Whichever team had fewer throws per frame wins that frame. The first team to be awarded 5 frames wins the game.

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